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What is Bookie PH?
Bookie PH is a one-stop online travel shop that provides a simpler booking experience through a curated list of accommodations and activities, which can all be booked in one place.

How does Bookie work?
Plan your trip by using the picker on top of this page, or select your destination and add your lodging and tours of choice to your cart.  You’ll be prompted to fill out a form to key in some details then we’ll get back to you with a quotation within two business days. Click here for a step-by-step guide.
Where can Bookie take me?
We currently specialize on 10 places. Fret not if your local dream destination is not on the list. We are constantly exploring our country’s gems as we work our way toward taking you to more of them.
What services does Bookie offer?
We book airline tickets, hotel accommodations, and tours. But you don’t have to purchase everything through Bookie. Much like picking from a restaurant’s menu, you can order services à la carte: only your flights, only your lodging, only your tours, or a combination of any of those. Of course, asking us to arrange the entire trip would give us great pleasure (plus we may also do a victory dance)!
How do I book hotels and tours?
Click on the “Add to Cart” button found on every product page. You may review your choices in your Cart later on before requesting for a quotation.
How do I book flights only?
Fill out this form.
Can I make restaurant reservations?
Our food picks are simply recommendations to make your trip more worthwhile. We cannot make dinner reservations for you, but do try out our favorite restaurants and dishes. Bring us home a doggie bag, too while you’re at it!
I really don’t know what I want to do. Does Bookie have set packages for confused people like me?
Yes! You may view them here.

Does Bookie arrange trips to international destinations?

Although we are enthusiasts of globe-trotting, we take pride in promoting local travel. So… no, we do not arrange trips to international destinations. If you have international inquiries, send us an e-mail at wedonothaveinternationalpackagesandyourewastingyourtime@bookie.ph.


Where do I see the actual prices of the hotels, tours, and packages?
Specific prices are nowhere to be found on the site because costs can be erratic. However, we do display the Bookie Price—see the next question for that. Once you check out, we will provide you a quotation of the services you are interested in. We can also provide a detailed breakdown of costs upon request. Aren’t we a friendly bunch? :)
How do I know how much each item costs, more or less?
You can refer to the handy dandy Bookie Price below each product, along with rainbows and unicorns. If rainbows and unicorns don’t appear, please visit your family doctor.
Is my trip considered final once I submit a request for a quote?
Not just yet. Nothing will be finalized until you give us a go signal through e-mail after we send your quotation.
Is the quote sent to me final?
Rates are subject to availability until you confirm with us, especially if airfare is part of the package. As much as we’d want you to get the best rate, it may have already been booked by another customer at the time our team was coordinating with you on your trip. Once you give us a go signal, we’ll send you a Billing with a payment deadline.
How do I pay Bookie?
We currently accept cash and check deposits, as well as PayPal and credit card payments.


Will the Bookie Team accompany us when we travel?
Although it would be fun if we could shoot your jump shots and choose the best Instagram filter for your travel posts, we can’t. But what we can do is coordinate with our reliable local operators to make arrangements for you and provide you a grand trip. Don’t you worry; our trusted kuyas and ates will be present to guide and entertain you on your tours.
Why do you have limited destinations?
We feature a short list of destinations because we have yet to fully explore the rest of the Philippines. How can we ensure awesome travels for you if we haven’t explored the places ourselves?
What does Bookie (pinky) swear by?
We can pinky swear that we only offer services that we ourselves have not only tried and tested, but also approve of. We feature hotels that have provided us a pleasant stay, activities we have enjoyed, and restaurants that make us want to come back for seconds. The destinations we offer reflect personal voyages to places that we have fallen in love with. We, Team Bookie, are confident that with our recommendations, you will have travels nothing short of funtasmic!


Help! I have a question in mind, but I can’t find it on the list.
Please get in touch with us at info@bookie.ph or fill out this form. We’d be happy to assist you in any way we can.
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